Monday, 8 December 2008

Hi all!!

Just thought i would blog today as i have been a little behind of late....things are soo busy with the lead up to christmas it is unreal...soo much to do..i am busy making christmas cakes and rumballs and cards and calendars and such....also looking for work and writing resumes and cover the occasional movie and christmas party and dinner with and i had our first anniversary yesterday and one of my girlfriends asked us over for tea which i is taking me out on wednesday night to celebrate..i only hope my back has a good night that night...cause it has been stopping me short and i have to leave parties early..all depends on the chair i get to sit in mainly...sigh..but that is life...the digital scrapping designing is not very fruitful but heaps of fun to do with challenges and chats and collabs...thought i might share with you some pages i did with my latest creation i am in the middle of doing for our January Collab at K-Joi Studios...way cool stuff.. so here is a sneak peak..thanks for looking...cheers liz

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Convoy 2008

oh sorry forgot the it tis!!!!-----

hi there everybodeee...hope you all have a wonderful christmas and an even fantastic new year...please keep safe and well and enjoy all the goodies you find for free on the blog hop..hope you like my contribution...cheers liz
here is the blog list...please let me know if these do not work...!!! happy scrapping everybodee!!
Please be patient not all of these may be up and running and if not please come back and check...different time zones make for different posting times!! Thanks heaps!!

01 - SotoCreations http://twistedscrap per.blogspot. com/
02 - CurtisamCreations http://curtisamcrea tions.blogspot. com/
03 - WillowRaven http://purpledragon flycreations. blogspot. com
04 - Kez Creates http://kezcreates. blogspot. com
05 - The Queen and the Princess Designs http://thequeenandp rincessdesigns. blogspot. com/
06 - Carolyn at Digi Cyber Scraps http://www.digicybe
07 - DesignZ by DeDe http://designzbyded e.blogspot. com
08 - Scrapz By Christon http://www.havendes scrapzbychriston /
09 - mITSYBELLE http://mitsybelle. blogspot. com/
10 - CuddleBeez Scraps http://cuddlebeezsc raps.blogspot. com
11 - Lizard Dau Designs http://liz-lizardda udesigns. blogspot. com/ ----you are here!!
12 - Outback Dezigns http://outbackdezig nsdigiscrap. blogspot. com/
13 - CandysTreasures http://www.candystr easures.blogspot .com
14 - Gemini Creationz http://geminicreati onz-byvickig. blogspot. com/
15 - Reeces Pieces Scraps http://reecesscraps .blogspot. com/
16 - LouCee Creations http://louclark. blogspot. com/
17 - Crafted by Gina http://craftedbygin a.blogspot. com/
18 - Twisted Angel http://twistedangel sscrapkits. blogspot. com/
19 - MIP Scraps http://mipscraps. blogspot. com
20 - PinkuPixie Digital Designs http://ppbits. blogspot. com
21 - Shawn Walter http://csuramsrule. blogspot. com/
22 - Moodz Scrapz http://moodzscrapz. blogspot. com/
23 - Bits N Bobs http://scrappingbit s.blogspot. com/
24 - Kolor Scapez http://www.kolorsca
25 - damc http://debscrapbook s.blogspot. com
26 - Debee Dezines http://debeedezines .blogspot. com
27 - JIC Creations http://JICCreations .blogspot. com
28 - Kcscrapper (Kathy Count) http://www.snapnscr apfreebies. com
29 - MoveFearlessly Designs http://movefearless
30 - MoonBeam's Creations http://moonbeamskit sandkaboodles. blogspot. com
31 - Scrapping With Jen http://scrappingwit hjen.blogspot. com <
32 - AJ's Random Scraps http://ajsrandomscr aps.blogspot. com/
33 - Designs by Amilyn http://designsbyami lyn.blogspot. com

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Name My New Kit Challenge

Hi guys it is me with this months challenge...i have made this kit you see..i made it considering i love those layouts with white space and i just love grunge too and oh some colour as well...i can just see this kit with a clean and simple but stylish type of layout....thus the white based backgrounds and the elements with colour, texture or simply is the preview of the get 10 uniquely textured backgrounds to feed your creativity and an element set that has grungy painted frames, messy stitching, painted overlays, ribbon clusters in bright colours with stitching and buttons, an envelope frame cluster, a run of staples, a peg hanging from a piece of string, a rainbow trim and some grungy sticky the name of the game is just your name suggestions for this kit in this thread here,5925.msg49224.html#new and if i pick your entry by the end of the month the kit is yours for if ya want to win this fabo trendy kit give it a go!!!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Finally Dress Me Up Add-On Kit Freebie Just For You!!!

Oh here it is fokes the Dress Me Up Freebie for my challenge..hope you like it..please read my terms of use for some information pertaining to this kit....and yeah if you have anything you are interested in for the future please let me know...because all of our subjects are different you will find some of the items need resizing to fit your model...also i did not add many wigs as i found them non user friendly but i may do an element kit in the future with them for humans as animals have different shaped heads...LOL..LOL..LOL...that is mainly what i was referring to in my tou...but please read it to get the gist of what i mean..go ahead snag this freebie and have heaps of fun....with my compliments and please post in the gallery at k-joi if you can i would love to see what you do and also there is a prize involved..please read below for information...cheers liz

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Cheeky Chat Halloween Challenge

Okay guys this is my first post about the Cheeky Chat...i am holding a Cheeky Chat at K-Joi Studios every Sunday..if i can't make it i will post in the Cheeky Chat Thread here at K-Joi,5671.msg47700.html#new
...okay it is scheduled at 2.00 am K-Joi time which is i have been informed is U.S. Central time...that is the best i can do..if you are confused with K-Joi time just check out the blog here for the K-Joi right time... ..okay the challenge is to use my freebie kit which i will post here and give you a 4-shared link for... but you need to post your layouts in the K-Joi gallery here and a link to your finished layout in the cheeky chat thread by halloween the 31st of October... and i will then put up a poll and we will vote on the best one...that person will then get a coupon to our prize vault at K-Joi...if you have any questions please post them here or at the cheeky thread...i look forward to your pages and most importantly to have fun...cheers liz

Oh What Joy and Excitement

Wow leslie has said she would be on my ct..i am over joyed...she knows how much i just love her kitties and she is one of the best digital scrapbook artists i exciting is this...i actually have a person on my own personal mitsy has given me an award..not sure what type yet but how exciting...i got to go and have a look???...cheers liz

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

April Dawns Fantastic Christmas Challenge

hey ya all there is a fantastic challenge going on at K-Joi being run by the lovely April from April Dawn is targeted at getting you ready for Christmas with making gifts and cards...week one is calendars and they are heaps of fun to make...April has a template just for that reason and some brushes come on over to K-Joi and get a head start on Christmas cause it is only 10 weeks is the link to the challenge,5689.0.html and above there is the advert for the challenge so hop on over and check it out...cheers liz

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The K-Joi Birthday Collab Kit is AWESOME

Here it tis the birthday collab is just awesome and i know you are going to like it too...i can't wait to play with it!!...this advertisement was done by the lovely mars at k-joi....and here she is...tah dah...oh up there it tis...i will be back later with some more news...cheers liz

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Momentary Hic-cup at K-joi

Hi fellow k-joiers...this is just to let you know that they are experiencing some down time at k-joi and not to panic if you can't get access...things will be put to right in no time...i got a little panicked there and my don't worry it will all be okay....we just need a little time...cheers liz

Friday, 17 October 2008

My New Store At K-Joi

Wow and wow..i am actually up and running...this is just wonderful to see all my hard work up in the store at last...i would like to thank mitsybelle and good old unicorn for their help and patience in setting up my store for me...i really appreciate it...well and now to the big is the link....
so hurry everything in the store is half price for this weekend only...go and check it out!!!!...cheers liz

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Blog Hop List for K-Joi Designer Contestants

As a thank you to all who have participated in some way to our contest we are doing a blog hop...please scroll down further for your thank you all very much..and please visit the contestants on this blog hop and snaggle all the goodies!!..cheers liz
21206D-Lizard Dau Designs 21845B-Labline21879D-Digidesigns By Amberbaz22181A-April Dawn Creations22342B-Camillas Kitchen22596D-mITSYBELLE22611D-luvfromindia22896B-Lori Imel23494D-Cancer Moon Creations 24301D-KatLen Kreations24588B-Belanna At Odds 24789C-SandEz Creationz24864A-ducky Panda Bear Designs 23075D Stacey Crossley Designs
Alisha happy feet tripalee designs

K-Joi Birthday Celebrations

wow here is a fantastic advertisement that the lovely mars did for K-Jois first birthday celebrations...fantastic isn't it!!!...thanks for stopping by!!!..cheers liz

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

K-Joi Birthday Blog Hop and Designer Contest Reveal 21206D

Download link 1)-

Download link 2)-

Download link-

Download link-

Download link-

Download link2)-

Greetings Everyone!!..this is sooo exciting we get to reveal who we are at the same time celebrate all the new designers including me..aren't I lucky???...this is our little blog hop so that you can all get to know us and identify us with our contestant numbers and real contestant number was 21206D and my nick name Cheeky..just in case you did not snag my stuff and you would like to I have uploaded them all to 4-shared and put the link under the preview for avatar was a bright green and purple monkey and is now a lizard of course!!!....HAPPY BIRTHDAY K-Joi!!!!...CONGRATULATIONS ALL THE NEW DESIGNERS!!!...can'twait to see all their cool new stuff!!..I have been posting mine as Iwent along so if ya have been here you would have seen one or two new things floating to the most important stuff the freebie...I have a freebie as an add on to my week 3 entry..there are some extra papers and a few quickpages in there for your scrapping pleasure...and if ya go to the store at K-Joi you will find all my new stuff at half price for a few go and purchase them if ya like them for this limited time only at half lucky people you!!!!...keep on blogging on guys and snag all those cool freebies!!
I would like to say a huge thank you to all the kind people who voted and commented and downloaded all my entries....thank you very much and i hope you like my stuff in the store
just as much!!!

oh yeah I would just like to thank a couple of people...firstly Doris aka Cheecheongfun for being such a great source of inspiration...I would not have gone down the designing road if it was not for your motivation.....and Jamie aka Just Scraps for doing my awesome blinkie...thanks for that you are so sweet to do it for is her blog...visit and download some of her awesome freebies.. ....well that is enough waffle!!..cheers liz
I will post the blog hop list very is having the finishing touches put to come back real soon..thanks cheers liz

K-Joi Studios Birthday Bash

Hey ya all there is going to be a stupendous birthday celebration for K-Joi Studios first birthday.....there will be heaps of freebies and challenges and prizes and a blog hop too for all the designer contestants to give away freebies they made....and also the big reveal will be where you the public will finally find out our true identities!!!...soooooo exciting!!!! come one come all to the Birthday Celebrations...stay tuned to the K-Joi Studios Blog for more announcements!!!! can find it here !!!..cheers liz

A New Creation Oriental Luck

Hi guys this is my new baby and i must say i really like it....everything about this kit has a kinda symbolic meaning...oh well except for the ribbons and bows but you know what i mean..the colours of red and gold and such are very lucky and so are dragons and those coins and oranges too...oh and pineapples and those gold ingot thingys...they are all have special meaning....i would like to give special thanks to obsidian dawn for her cool kenji brushes that i use in this kit....the meaning of which are luck on the take out box and on the scroll is health joy happiness and love...i hope you like it....thanks soo much for looking...cheers liz

Sunday, 12 October 2008

This is the Sweetest Kit and for a Good Cause too!!

You can find this awesome kit here-

Hey i was cruising the store at K-Joi Studios and i came across this wonderful collab kit...i thought hey that is something else..then i read further on and found out it is for a good cause too!! and is a little something written about it!!

I'm delighted to announce the sale of Crop Dreams - a charity digital scrapbook kit - in celebration of Filipino American History Month. This begins Mabuhay Project's journey of Filipino Artists from around the globe, collaborating to support charities, near and dear to their hearts. Mabuhay Project's first beneficiary is Opportunity House, which provides much needed education and healthcare to poverty stricken children in Asian countries, like China, Malaysia and The Philippines.
In designing for Opportunity House, I do so to honor my babies in heaven and the babies I've seen living on the streets of Manila, in the middle of a traffic jam, tapping my window for some change. It has been several years, since I graduated from college and moved back to the US. Yet, that image stays with me, saying they deserve a better future...asking me what will I do?

The author of this writing is none other than Mars/Cactus Mango and you can find her blog here
There are also some very cool freebies and they can be snagged at these blog spots-
thanks for checking this out...cheers liz

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Orchid and Jade

I am sooo proud to present to you my newest sounds soo funnee...anyhow here is the newest thing i have been working is called orchid and jade cause of the beautiful orchid of course and i was inspired by the lovely colours of green in jade...i figure this kit will be good for all sorts of layouts...gardens and just about anything that takes your fancy....hope you like it!!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Another Fabulous Page

Here is another fabulous page..this is my good friends little doggy..the page is called hunny angel...the layout artists name is mitsybelle and she is an amazing designer....she has designed the coolest stuff and you can check it out on her blog here... ....thanks soo much for looking guys...hope ya all had as much fun as mitsy did with your scrapping!!...cheers liz

Some Layouts with My Stuff!!

Wow there has been soo much to do that i don't know where to contest at k-joi is in its last stages now and we will know for certain soon where we stand as far as the store is the mean time i have some very cute pics to show you of layouts some people did using my kits the little angel mini kit and the footprints in the sand kit!!...hope you like them..i do!!!..cheers liz
This absolutely gorgeous layout is by my good friend Doris (cheecheongfun)...she has the most beautiful kitties and this ones name is Rusty and he is talking as part of her fantabulous word she has used my kit and a few others in this lovely layout...credits are wire mesh by Lauren Bavin, Footprints in the Sand by BethLiz, dragonfly by Scrap De Line, WA by can find the layout here and if ya like it please leave a nice comment here

Saturday, 4 October 2008

FREEBIE Flower Fairy Mini Kit

Dear all this is another little kit...made just for those prescious pets in your has one dreamy whimsical background....a fairy sparkle overlay...butterfly wings and antennae..and two beautiful butterflies to keep your flower fairy company on the page....i just love how this turned out and i hope you do can use the other butterfly wings too...just throw caution to the wind and chop and change until you are happy....well happy scrapping!!...cheers liz

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

FREEBIE ALERT My Little Angel Mini Kit

I am owned by two beautiful little dad calls them my furrkids and he is right about that..anyway i was inspired by someones avatar (you know who)??? do a fun dress up kit for and cats...and even people if you want to get those wings just right you need to muck with them a bit or if you have a full frontal pic just wack them behind...or even separate the two of them and adjust until your happy with them...they are slightly transparent too...please tell me if ya like them as i am putting together an element kit of various wigs, hats and other stuff for fun dress ups for our little loved ones.....there is even an elvis have a flower fairy mini kit also in the works for a freebie will probably be up for download sometime in the next few days....i just love my animals and this is my male cat tim on the preview for this darling little mini kit..i hope you have fun with it...cheers liz

Sunday, 28 September 2008


helloooo everyone...we are now into our last week at the K-Joi Designer Contest and things are hotting up...soon there will be a GREAT BIG PARTEEEE for the official opening of the store and a belated birthday party for K-Joi what fun...there will be a blog hop...competitions and heaps of prizes....freebies too of is the link where you can vote for your favourite 4 designers....,5356.0.html
and you can snatch the freebies here in the K-Joi shop all 4 weeks of them...that is a huge amount of freee stuff.... oh and if ya want you can comment on the designers stuff here thanks sooo much for your time....cheers liz

Friday, 26 September 2008

Hey There!!!

Hello everyone i have some really good news....K-Joi is back up and runnning again and you can download all the fine free goodies for week one from the ...there is heaps to choose from...go and grab the ones you like best....and have fun scrapping!!!!! oh i would love to know your opinion on file sizes and such much is too much mb for a kit or a quick page or such????....please let me know!!...i am interested in your opinion because our hard drives are not getting any bigger and as a digital scrapper storage is an issue...i understand this!!! please leave your thoughts on the matter!!.... thanks for stopping by here and checking my blog!!...cheers liz

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Freebie Quick Page

Hi ya all..i am back again with a quick page that i just had to do with my new kit..still some issues to iron out and stuff but i think it looks pretty it tis you lucky people liz

New Kit Footprints in the Sand

Okay here is a sneek peak at my new is called footprints in the sand because i got inspiration from my recent long weekends at the beach....i took some cool pics and thought i might use them in my first real kit under my aspiring designer is sooo much fun playing at designer....and really addictive...anyhow here are the results..i still need to put everything together and correctly file the meantime please let me know if ya like it...i should have another freebie up and going very soon like today sometime or tomorrow so keep your eyes on this spot....k-joi looks to be making progress...slow and steady wins the race i say!!...anyow i will keep you posted as to progress....cheers liz

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Freebie My Very First Kit

ooh this is funny but this is my very first kit i created back in Feb this year.....anyhow this is a layout i did with it and you can download it for free with this link it comes in two bits so make sure you download tis the next one hope you like it!!! was made because on valentines day my lovely hubby gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers and i used this as inspiration for this kit..the colours were also a favourite of my good friend doris and ruth named the kit for me after my little furrkid piper...if it was not for doris i would not be designing today...she is certainly my scrapping and designing muse!!...a big thanks doris!!!

K-Joi Update Hopefully All is Well!!

Dear all, Hope you are having a wonderful weekend i know i had a fantastic one...lazing by the beach with a glass of vod and orange in one hand and a cheese and cracker in the i have not alerted ya all to k-joi being up and running again until now because i myself have been experiencing problems getting onto the i thought it best to let it sort itself out before i went and gave you the new links and you can still go to the blog and download weeks two and three entries here okay???....and you can access the site here at and comment on the entries...just scroll around until you find your favourites or why not comment on all of them if you have the oh yeah and you can vote here for the week 3 entries....the previous weeks have closed for voting,5136.0.html that is the upate for you...please go and vote if you can and comment on all the designers hard works and yeah please download all the goodies you want!!!!....oh the birthday celebrations have been put on hold for a while whilst all the teething problems have to be ironed out!!...but i will let you know when the important dates are announced and give you all the juicy details too...meanwhile have fun scrapping with our creations....i know i will!!!...cheers liz

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

News for K-Joi

Hey guys things are really looking good for K-Joi..Yay!! Kara!!...the newest news is that the forum is being shifted and the blog is up for those of you who want to download the freebies...just click on the freebies in the category list and you will find yourself surrrounded by digi goodies...
the link is ..thanks for reading this...cheers liz

Monday, 8 September 2008

K-Joi Progress

Yay things are looking up for K-Joi!!!..lovely to know that there is progress being made...although very slow still there is light at the end of the tunnel...the fabulous freebies we have made for the designer contest have been relinked and ready for your download so please feel free to grab all ya want!! at the K-Joi Blog ..thanks soo much for your support and i hope those freebies are fun to play with!!!...happy scrapping..cheers liz

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Update on K-Joi

Okay K-Joi is still down and will be until the site and shop is up on the new servers which could take quite a while. Now there are no official dates yet so I will let you all know when i find out. Until then please don't give up. The new site will be bigger and better and there will be no problems after..unless there are a few teething problems but that is too be expected on a brand new site!!....Anyway ya all have a great day..cheers liz

Sunday, 31 August 2008

K-Joi Blog Down

Sorrry guys the K-Joi blog is down too because we have been so over whelmed with customers that the bandwidth is exceeded there too....this will only last a few days hopefully until the beginning of the month when it will all be reset...thanks for your patience and please hang around for more freebies!!!!! Cheers Liz

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Week 3

Hey guys these are the images for week three of the contest..thanks to the lovely lady who made these know who you are...such lovely work...anyhow as the same as before..please go and visit the blog of K-Joi Studios and download all these fabulous freebies if you have time please take the directions from the blog to K-Joi Studios site and vote for your 4 favourites and comment in the gallery..thank you very much for your time!!...cheers liz

Week Two

Dear All, these are the contestants for week two of the designer contest at K-Joi Studios. Please visit the blog here . You will find the details for voting and commenting on the blog. We appreciate you stopping by and voting. You can download all the contestants entries for free on the blog as a huge thank you for just looking. Please take the time to vote and comment if you can!!! Thanks cheers liz

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Beginning

Hello all this is just me signing in. Oh this feels really strange talking to oneself. Mind you i do it all day. Talking to the cats and they do talk back mind you with various meows and songs. I am very new at this and I hope to jazz things up very soon!! I am participating in a contest at the moment at K-joi Studios. Go visit their blog here for all the information. Heaps of Freebies on offer and some fantabulous designs. Here is a little lookie at some of my stuff i have previously designed. Hope you like it!! I have a very good friend who is doing me a huge favour too.... Jamie has so kindly offered to do me a blinkie and i am very proud to have her as a scrapping buddy.

Thanks soo much Jamie I appreciate it!!!