Friday, 29 January 2010

Another FREEEBIE!!!!!!

hi there gals...i am back with another freebie...this time it is a paper pack to go with Country Bumpkin...i am going to do some more elements too but not just yet...sort of ran out of step mum is in hospital at the moment and i have been worried...all is good though.... she came through all right and is recouping without further ado...ooops wait please vote for me this week at Stuff to Scrap...that would be heaps appreciated!!...cheers liz

Please click on the word VOTE to vote!!...LOL..LOL..LOL..

Here is the linkie for the paper pack too-

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Oh wow this is AMAZING!!!

Hey I got into the 3rd round of the Designer Darling Contest over at Stuff to Scrap. I am sooo chuffed!! Here I am again to let you all know about the fabo freebies there is to have over at Stuff to Scrap. I mean the girls over there are really outdoing themselves wow and wow those kits are soo good. So make sure you go on over to the forum here and snag those goodies!! Oh and mine too whilst you are there. I am third in the list and the kit is called Country Bumpkin. I have made you 2 awesome quick pages for starters and I hope to have something else on my blog for you too later on. Thanks soo much for visiting and looking and voting. I really do appreciate all your time and effort. Cheers Liz

Link for Quick Pages-

Friday, 22 January 2010


hello there peoples...thank you sooo much for voting and downloading my latest addition in the Designer Darling Contest at Stuff to Scrap...i thought i might make an addon for the kit Are We There Yet??..boy did i have some there are 6 more papers and 18 more elements for you to play you like them???...Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

the link to download all the wonderful kits at Stuff to Scrap can be found here- 23 Free Kits
the link to register in the forum of Stuff To Scrap his here- Forum

the link to vote in the forum of Stuff to Scrap is here- Vote

the link to the zip files of the Add On to Are We There Yet??? can be found here-

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I am SOOOOOOOO!! Excited!!

Oh I am soooo excited to introduce to you my newest creation. It is called Are We There Yet??? This kit is made for the second round of the Designer
Darling Contest at Stuff to Scrap. The colours here are very
bright and I really was stuck to start with??? But then some
how I got the inspiration of a car trip and I went from there.
I tried to make the colours not sooo bright and the filters on
the painted papers dampen them quite a bit. Which is better on
the eyes all round. I also wanted to make something different
and creative so I made my own word art and the elements I made
from it by tearing paper and scanning it. The title of course
comes from every road trip with the kids "ARE WE THERE YET??"
I so hope you like this little kit. I think it is quite charming!!
You can go and download the full kit which has 14 elements and 5 papers
from Stuff to Scrap here. Oh and just for looking I have made you some
very cool quick pages. I hope you like them!! Please stay tuned for
some more freebies later on in the week and I will let you know where
and when you can start voting. Thanks sooo much for your patronage.
Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

the link to the freebie is here-

Friday, 15 January 2010

URGENT!! URGENT!! Voting is UP!!

Voting is Up!! I have a fabulous little mini just for you as a BIG Thank You for voting for me!! There is not much time to vote unfortunately so please get in there and vote. Now you have to register at Stuff to Scrap which means of course them sending you an email and then you have to activate your membership...this may take some time so please hang in there! You can go here to register Stuff to Scrap (click on the words Stuff to Scrap) and when you have gotten your email and activated your account then please go here to vote (click on the word vote). Thank you soo much for your time...Cheers Liz

Linkie to Under the Sea-

If you have any problems with this download please don't hesitate to email me Liz at Enjoy!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Come Snag the Goodies!!!!

Oh wow I am sooo honoured to be part of another fun Designer Contest called the Designer Darling Contest. I am having a blast and we just got started. It is here at Stuff to Scrap . This is a fabo site hopping with all the fabo goodies the designers have made just for you!! Please register and come on over and snag the goodies (just click on the word goodies). There are some fantastic kits to pick from. Oh and please go to the gallery (click on the word gallery) and leave some lovin' for those hard working designers (including me)...LOL..LOL..LOL. You have to register separately for the gallery and the forum. It takes a while for you to be cleared but hang in there it is all worth it!! I have had an absolute blast with this kit and you can find it here and you can also find the linkies for the downloads here . Thanks very much for looking at my stuff!! As a little thank you for your kind words and support I have made some quick pages just to wet your appetite. But please be assured that later on during the week I will have an amazing mini just for you as a freebie!!

Here tis the linkie for the quick pages-