Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Kit Are We There Yet?? and a Freebie for YOU!!

Woo hoo I am proud to announce a new fun kit called Are We There Yet?? It is in both my stores and you can find the linkies below if you want to snag it and play!! Have you ever been in the car with the kids going on a long car trip and from the back seat you hear yelled at you every 10 seconds ARE WE THERE YET?? >LOL..LOL..LOL.. The classic car trip with the kids in the back seat. The inspiration for this kit comes from the word art I made describing all of the things that you can do on a road trip. I sat down and typed out a page of words like eyespy, coffee, snacks, games, conversation, chat etc etc etc. I then tore it up and created pieces of the kit from the paper shapes I made. This kit solves all of your needs for scrapping road trips of any type. Its bright cheery colours make for cherished family memories. The darker papers offset the bright rainbow transparent elements that you can find here too! There is sooo much fun packed into this one kit you will be using it over and over. Please have fun with this!! Enjoy!!

Are We There Yet?? at Moo Two Designs

Are We There Yet?? at Ivy Scraps

 Here are some fun and fantastic quick pages just for you to celebrate my new kit. Are We There Yet??!!

 Nicky is having a cuddle with Al. He is growing up to be a BIG boy!!

These are my fave shoes. Sooo comfortable. Not mentioning their names..LOL..LOL..LOL..What sexy ankles!! This is a pic of my feet dangling off a rock wall we were sitting on watching the boys start in the Bay to Bay yacht race in 2010. Little Di is sitting next to me and we both have our camera's out snapping pictures of this and that. Mainly that...LOL..LOL..LOL.

Linkie for Are We There Yet?? Quick Pages Freebies