Sunday, 31 October 2010

Come Climb on The Orient

Woo Hoo Choo Chooooooooooooo!! Here we are again folks with another blog hop for you all to enjoy. This one is based on an oriental theme and boy was it fun to make. I just love this theme and I find anything oriental beautiful and amazing. Their food and culture is just plain fascinating to me. I am hoping to make this little kit into a full blown one for the store too eventually. Anyways guys please enjoy these little mini's from all of our talented designers on the blog train. Don't forget to leave some love behind and please be patient if we are not all up at the same time due to time differences. I have not put the big slideshow up as I cannot get it to work properly. Darn it. Sorry about that!! Anyways have fun guys!! Enjoy!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

If you happen to get lost along the way then please go here where the full list can be found-

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26. Bon Scrapatit Designs

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27. Lizard Dau Designs

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28. eqrAveziur graphic & design

This is the linkie to my little kit The Orient-

Special thanks to the wonderful and generous Poly aka Polyanthus who in my opinion is one of the best poser artist and person I know.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Dark and Scary Blog Hop!!

It is Halloween!! Yay!! We have had a blast making a wonderful Collaboration for you all in the Halloween spirit called Dark and Scary Night. It is huge and awesome and on sale at the moment for $5.00 normally selling at $14.95. You can grab it here-

Well this brings me to this fantastic fun blog hop. We have all made an add on to this fantastical kit and you can snag them all for free. Just follow the train along the line to the end. As we are all in different time zones please excuse us if we are a little late or early. Thanks for coming to visit me!! I hope you like my little kit and this awesome story too. Please have a fantastic safe Halloween.

"Then as the claws pulled the rest of his body down into the darkness, he felt the hot and cold waves of panic running through his body. As he struggled for breath, the blood roaring in his ears, his shouts of terror began to subside, turning first into a whimper, then into a long plaintive wail. "

Here is the blog train list in case you get a little lost along the way!!

Donna - Moo Two Blog (
Happy Scrap Arts (
Scrapz 'n Bitz Designs (
KatLen Kreations (
MagsGraphics (
Panda Bear Designs (
This be me Scraps (
RoseMade Designs (
Dee's Delightful Designs (
Lizard Dau Designs ( - You are HERE!!
GAP Scraps (

Here is the linkie to my addon- Dark and Scary Night!!

"In order to carry on and collect the last piece of the Blog Train, you will need to register at Moo Two Designs and come on in for a bit of Halloween fun with us all here at Moo Two Designs"