Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Exciting Blog Hop Just for You!! Thankful!!

Boy am I thankful for many things!! Too many to list actually!! This beautiful blog hop is in celebration of autumn and we are giving thanks to all of you lovely ladies out there who scrap their lives and download our kits to preserve special memories. Thank you soo much for dropping by my blog to download my part of the kit. Please be mindful that we are all on different timezones and thus the kit may not be available just yet. But be patient and I am sure it will turn up when the proper time comes!! Thanks for downloading my part of the kit and please enjoy...Cheers Liz

Here is the main blogs linkie for those who may get lost- Blog Train Blog
Here is the linkie to my part of the blog here-http://www.mediafire.com/?yzoz5zz4y5l
Here is the linkie to the next lovely ladies part of this blog hop- Vonnies Digiworld

Remember to leave some love if you download!!

OOh I Made it to the Final Round!!

Thanks soo much to all those people who voted for me in all the public votes at Stone Accents Studios designer search. I have finally made it to the last round and I am pleased to say that I am extremely happy with my kit for this round too!! Many thanks to Poly for her wonderful renders and to Karen Stimson from Wool Sweater Street for her Super Blade Presets which I totally adore!
I introduce you to Walk Like An Egyptian!! This kit can be downloaded for free from Stone Accents Studios here- http://www.stoneaccentsstudioforum.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=43720 So go snag it whilst you can!! Thanks again for all your support!!...Cheers Liz

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hi I have another freebie for you!!...Thanks to everyone who has voted for me!!!...There is still some time left and I thought I would give you some little things I had hanging around the hard drive...They are kinda fun and funky too...Hope you enjoy them!!

Please Register Here at Stone Accents Studios- Register
Please Vote Here at Stone Accents Studios- Vote
Please View my kit and Download here at Stone Accents Studios- Download

The fabo element pack can be downloaded here- http://www.mediafire.com/?h5cqm1zoymm

Monday, 21 September 2009

Wow and Wow Thank You!!

OOOh I made it into the next round of the Sassy Lady Contest at Stone Accents Studios!! Thank you all for your votes and I hope you vote for me this time round too!! I have made a cool add on to my week 3 kit Autumn Fest for you all to snag!! It matches perfectly in fact if you go and snag them both you have a nice little kit!! Again a HUGE THANKS to all those who have voted for me. It means a lot to me your votes and even your downloads. I am soo proud to be here with such great talents such as Sandez Creationz and Amberpony Designs...These girls Rock too!! Check out their kits here in the Gallery at Stone Accents Studios!! Just click on the word Gallery to go there!! Here is my round 3 entry Autumn Fest. Just click on the name Autumn Fest to go and leave some love in the gallery and download the freebie kit and all the other wonderful designs there too!!

the linkie to the freebie addon is here-

Sorry about the linkie guys I do not know why she was not working...Please try again and I will come and check on it every now and then for you!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

SAS Hey!! Girlfriend........ Week Two Voting!!

ooh i have redone my previews for my kit in the Sassy Designer Contest..the other one sucked a bit but i ran out of time to put it in the gallery so i thought i would put it here along with a little freebie i found in my stash just for you..it is a st patricks day kit but i think cool fun to use for other things too...so please download and enjoy!!...cheers liz

You Can Register here to vote and then go here to download my kit and then go here to vote for me. I am 8th from the top Hey!! Girlfriend... by Lizard Dau Designs

Thanks soo much for taking the time to vote!!
Here is the linkie to the above freebie- lizarddaudeisgns_stpatricksday_minikit.zip
Thanks for downloading it!!

Oh also could you please visit my friends kit too and consider voting for them!! Just click on the Name of the kit!!

Sande- Sandez Creationz- Romantic Friends
Oase- Panda Bear Designs- For My Friends
Katlen- Katelns Kreations- BFF and ever
Diana- Amberpony Creates- Best Bud's

Monday, 14 September 2009

I Have Fantastic News!!

I have made it to the next round of the Stone Accents Studios Sassy Designer Contest!! I am soo proud to be amongst the most talented designers!! This is such a blast!! Anyhow I am very proud to introduce to you my next kit. It is called Hey!! Girlfriend... and is very girly girly. I have been wanting to do a pink black and white kit for a while and this was just the perfect excuse to do one. I have dedicated it to all the wonderful girlfriends out there. You all Rock!! Please go and download my kit here at Stone Accents Studios and have fun with it!! Oh and if you like my work please vote for me when the time comes. I will be back with the linkies you need!! Oh and as a special thank you for visiting my blog and downloading my goodies here is another goodie. These are some cool shoes I made for a freebie. Now they are here on the blog for you to snag. These are Commercial Use friendly as well. I always thought they would look cool as a charm on a bracelet or something. I have used them in my kit to put the Lady Lizard in!!! I hope you like them!!...Cheers liz

Link for Commercial Use freebie- lizarddaudesigns_classyheels_cufreebie.zip

Monday, 7 September 2009

OOH OOOH The Voting Is Up!!

Register Here at Stone Accents Studios
View and Download Here at Stone Accents Studios
Go Here to Vote

Hi there all you lovely people...the voting for the SASSY Lady Contest is up and i was wondering if you would please consider voting for me...that would be absolutely fantastic if you would....my kit can be found here and you can vote here .....thanks sooo much for considering it and a very special huge thanks for those that do vote.....oh you need to register too before you can vote if you aren't a member already of course...you can register here at Stone Accents Studios- again my thanks....as part of my appreciation i have not one but two sets of quickpages for you....hope you like them...one was made with the Don't Forget Your Brollie Kit i made for week 1 and the other with a freebie mini called A Touch of Spring...enjoy guys!!...cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Here are your freebie linkies-

Don't Forget Your Brollie Quick Pages-

A Touch of Spring Quick Pages-

Friday, 4 September 2009

Pets and Christmas Blog Hop Freebie

We at K-Joi Studios love our pets as much as our children and sometimes they are our children. We would love to promote pet rescue by giving you a glimpse into the world wide net of animal adoption. Please visit this site Planet Pets and do a bit of browsing it is extremely interesting and if you are a pet lover then you might find some useful information too. Some of us have made some wonderful freebie kits for your digital scrapping pleasure and as a huge thank you for looking at these very deserving animal rescue sites. Some of us have just left a story about our pets behind so please don't be disappointed if there is no freebie just know that these posts are done with a lot of feeling and love. Please visit the next blog on this blog hop and don't forget to leave some lovely comments behind when you download. And don't forget that we all live on different time zones so please be patient with us!! This is the central blog that you need to visit to find all the others K-Joi Studios Blog!! Thanks soo much guys!!..Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

A Meowie Christmas- lizarddaudesigns_meowiechristmas_mini.zip

Oh and also be sure to visit Stone Accents Studios forum and the gallery for all the freebies in the design contest too!! When it comes time to vote please vote for me if you like my stuff!!