Saturday, 22 September 2012

Woooooooooo Hoooo!! Wake Up Mojo!!

Hey there guys!! Just letting you know about a little something I am doing for the next month. I did this last year and had such a blast I am doing it again. There is a designer challenge going on at Scrapping Fairytales and it is just awesome. There is no eliminations just stretching yourself and in my case waking up my mojo. This is a great opportunity for me personally to get some new stuff in the store and to also get my name out there. I am sponsoring the contest making some CU Mix packs for the designers who participate. These will later go into my store as well. This is a win win situation for me although at the end of the month I can see me putting in some major long hours!! But it will be all worth it. Now for you guys out there who digi scrap this is your opportunity to build your stash with some amazing new kits. At the moment I think there is about 30 designers. Wowweeeeeeeee 30 kits to chose from for 4 weeks. Gosh that is awesome what an opportunity to grab some fantastic kits for nothing! Look out for my advertisement in their newsletter and my banner in the forums and my blinkie on the sponsors page!! Oh yes and don't forget to visit this blog for my free creations in the coming weeks starting from October the 1st!!

Here is where you go for information at Scrapping Fairytales-

Design Quest 2012

My Stores at-

Lizard Dau Designs at Moo Two Designs

Lizard Dau Designs at Ivy Scraps

Until next time please keep yourselves and your family safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs