Thursday, 25 March 2010

And I Bring You What's My Scene?

I wanted to do something different in the male line of kits.
I have been noticing the trend towards emo, gothe and also
a little punk in the teenagers around me and I decided to
do something with that kind of theme, hence the skulls
and grunge. I know that they are different types of what they
call scenes hence the name of the kit What's My Scene?
Being a teenager can mean going through all these different
trends and chosing which one suits you best. I am 37 years
old and I once had a friend with the coolest mohawk you
have ever seen. So these types of trends go in and out of
fashion. Makes me feel kinda old too!!

There are 6 awesome papers and 12 elements as well as a full

Hopefully all problems are fixed now!! Let me know if you find anymore!!
Hopefully not!!

You can download this great kit for free here at Designs in Digital.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Angels and Memories

I am a little late getting this up this week. I have been ultra busy and still have not got done what I wanted to get done!! Sheesh where does the time go. Anyhow onto the exciting stuff. I have just completed Week 2 in the Designs in Digital designer contest. Wow did I have a ball with this!! I loved the colours so much and they reminded me of clouds, softness and angels. I did some research and discovered there were not many kits that you could use to remember loved ones who have passed away. But as you can see from my pages that is not the only use for this kit. I did dress my little piper girl as an angel and she looks just lovely too. You can download this wonderful kit from the gallery at Designs in Digital here- Angels and Memories Please leave a comment if you can. I would really appreciate it!!. Thanks soo much for downloading. Cheers Liz

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Time is Right!!

Woooooooooo Hoooooo the time is here!!! Oh and happy St Patricks day everyone. We at K-Joi are kicking off our most exciting contest to date. The I Can't Believe You Scrapped That Layout Contest. So come one come all and join us at K-Joi for the fun and games. You can get to K-Joi by following this link here- K-Joi Studios and register to come laugh and have fun!! Oh gosh I forgot to mention the prizes. Gee how could I forget them??? We have over 15 fantastic prizes that will literally blow your sox off!! So come and join us!! Can't wait!! See you there!! Cheers Liz

Friday, 12 March 2010

Rouge is Here!!

This week for the Designs in Digital Designer contest we had to pick just one colour and mix it with black and white and a little green. I thought this was an amazing challenge and Rouge is the result. I just love the funky papers and the unusual elements in this!! They work soo well to make a page. I know I have made several which I will show you. There is 6 papers in this wonderful kit and 12 elements some of which I recoloured once for variety. Come and download my kit and leave some love in the gallery!! You can find this lovely kit here to download in the Designs in Digital forums- and you can see my kit here in the gallery too- Thanks soo much for your time!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Please Note the Links for this kit has been disabled!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

K-Joi Studios Commercial Use Blog Hop!!

Wooooo Hooooooooooo Choooooooo Choooooo!! Here I am again with another fabulous blog hop this time a Commercial Use one. The theme for this blog hop is Mothers Day and we have some very nice pieces here for your designing pleasure. Hope you like these!!! Oh please excuse us if we are posting at different times. Living down under I am usually ahead a little and others are behind a little. We will all be posting very soon so hang in there. Thank you for your patience and your interest!! Happy Mothers Day wherever you are!! Cheers Liz

The linkie for the next person is-
5. Dragons Lair Designs-

The linkie for the K-Joi Blog where the full list is-

Here tis the linkie for my part!!-

Monday, 1 March 2010

Heads Up!!

Hi this is a heads up about another blog hop happening on Saturday the 6th of March here on my blog!! It is a Mothers Day Themed Blog Hop and it is also Commercial Use. There are some really lovely things here for your scrapping creativity. So make sure you come and snag them when the Hop starts!! Also there is a really cool layout contest coming to K-Joi on March the 17th. There are some really great prizes and this is going to be awesome fun too!!