Thursday, 25 March 2010

And I Bring You What's My Scene?

I wanted to do something different in the male line of kits.
I have been noticing the trend towards emo, gothe and also
a little punk in the teenagers around me and I decided to
do something with that kind of theme, hence the skulls
and grunge. I know that they are different types of what they
call scenes hence the name of the kit What's My Scene?
Being a teenager can mean going through all these different
trends and chosing which one suits you best. I am 37 years
old and I once had a friend with the coolest mohawk you
have ever seen. So these types of trends go in and out of
fashion. Makes me feel kinda old too!!

There are 6 awesome papers and 12 elements as well as a full

Hopefully all problems are fixed now!! Let me know if you find anymore!!
Hopefully not!!

You can download this great kit for free here at Designs in Digital.