Sunday, 28 September 2008


helloooo everyone...we are now into our last week at the K-Joi Designer Contest and things are hotting up...soon there will be a GREAT BIG PARTEEEE for the official opening of the store and a belated birthday party for K-Joi what fun...there will be a blog hop...competitions and heaps of prizes....freebies too of is the link where you can vote for your favourite 4 designers....,5356.0.html
and you can snatch the freebies here in the K-Joi shop all 4 weeks of them...that is a huge amount of freee stuff.... oh and if ya want you can comment on the designers stuff here thanks sooo much for your time....cheers liz

Friday, 26 September 2008

Hey There!!!

Hello everyone i have some really good news....K-Joi is back up and runnning again and you can download all the fine free goodies for week one from the ...there is heaps to choose from...go and grab the ones you like best....and have fun scrapping!!!!! oh i would love to know your opinion on file sizes and such much is too much mb for a kit or a quick page or such????....please let me know!!...i am interested in your opinion because our hard drives are not getting any bigger and as a digital scrapper storage is an issue...i understand this!!! please leave your thoughts on the matter!!.... thanks for stopping by here and checking my blog!!...cheers liz

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Freebie Quick Page

Hi ya all..i am back again with a quick page that i just had to do with my new kit..still some issues to iron out and stuff but i think it looks pretty it tis you lucky people liz

New Kit Footprints in the Sand

Okay here is a sneek peak at my new is called footprints in the sand because i got inspiration from my recent long weekends at the beach....i took some cool pics and thought i might use them in my first real kit under my aspiring designer is sooo much fun playing at designer....and really addictive...anyhow here are the results..i still need to put everything together and correctly file the meantime please let me know if ya like it...i should have another freebie up and going very soon like today sometime or tomorrow so keep your eyes on this spot....k-joi looks to be making progress...slow and steady wins the race i say!!...anyow i will keep you posted as to progress....cheers liz

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Freebie My Very First Kit

ooh this is funny but this is my very first kit i created back in Feb this year.....anyhow this is a layout i did with it and you can download it for free with this link it comes in two bits so make sure you download tis the next one hope you like it!!! was made because on valentines day my lovely hubby gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers and i used this as inspiration for this kit..the colours were also a favourite of my good friend doris and ruth named the kit for me after my little furrkid piper...if it was not for doris i would not be designing today...she is certainly my scrapping and designing muse!!...a big thanks doris!!!

K-Joi Update Hopefully All is Well!!

Dear all, Hope you are having a wonderful weekend i know i had a fantastic one...lazing by the beach with a glass of vod and orange in one hand and a cheese and cracker in the i have not alerted ya all to k-joi being up and running again until now because i myself have been experiencing problems getting onto the i thought it best to let it sort itself out before i went and gave you the new links and you can still go to the blog and download weeks two and three entries here okay???....and you can access the site here at and comment on the entries...just scroll around until you find your favourites or why not comment on all of them if you have the oh yeah and you can vote here for the week 3 entries....the previous weeks have closed for voting,5136.0.html that is the upate for you...please go and vote if you can and comment on all the designers hard works and yeah please download all the goodies you want!!!!....oh the birthday celebrations have been put on hold for a while whilst all the teething problems have to be ironed out!!...but i will let you know when the important dates are announced and give you all the juicy details too...meanwhile have fun scrapping with our creations....i know i will!!!...cheers liz

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

News for K-Joi

Hey guys things are really looking good for K-Joi..Yay!! Kara!!...the newest news is that the forum is being shifted and the blog is up for those of you who want to download the freebies...just click on the freebies in the category list and you will find yourself surrrounded by digi goodies...
the link is ..thanks for reading this...cheers liz

Monday, 8 September 2008

K-Joi Progress

Yay things are looking up for K-Joi!!!..lovely to know that there is progress being made...although very slow still there is light at the end of the tunnel...the fabulous freebies we have made for the designer contest have been relinked and ready for your download so please feel free to grab all ya want!! at the K-Joi Blog ..thanks soo much for your support and i hope those freebies are fun to play with!!!...happy scrapping..cheers liz

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Update on K-Joi

Okay K-Joi is still down and will be until the site and shop is up on the new servers which could take quite a while. Now there are no official dates yet so I will let you all know when i find out. Until then please don't give up. The new site will be bigger and better and there will be no problems after..unless there are a few teething problems but that is too be expected on a brand new site!!....Anyway ya all have a great day..cheers liz