Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Name My New Kit Challenge

Hi guys it is me with this months challenge...i have made this kit you see..i made it considering i love those layouts with white space and i just love grunge too and oh some colour as well...i can just see this kit with a clean and simple but stylish type of layout....thus the white based backgrounds and the elements with colour, texture or simply black...here is the preview of the kit..you get 10 uniquely textured backgrounds to feed your creativity and an element set that has grungy painted frames, messy stitching, painted overlays, ribbon clusters in bright colours with stitching and buttons, an envelope frame cluster, a run of staples, a peg hanging from a piece of string, a rainbow trim and some grungy sticky tape...now the name of the game is just that...post your name suggestions for this kit in this thread here http://kjoistudios.com/messages/index.php/topic,5925.msg49224.html#new and if i pick your entry by the end of the month the kit is yours for free...so if ya want to win this fabo trendy kit give it a go!!!!


Leslie said...

Wow! Look at those paintbox colors! Cool kit, Liz! Fun idea to have a contest to name it. ;)

digidesignsbyamberbaz said...

i just wanted to pop in and let ya know i gave u an award, head on over to my blog to check it out. ( i am in the process of posting it now but as usual my dial up is taking forever so if it isnt up just yet check back really soon haha.)