Tuesday, 14 October 2008

K-Joi Studios Birthday Bash

Hey ya all there is going to be a stupendous birthday celebration for K-Joi Studios first birthday.....there will be heaps of freebies and challenges and prizes and a blog hop too for all the designer contestants to give away freebies they made....and also the big reveal will be where you the public will finally find out our true identities!!!...soooooo exciting!!!!...so come one come all to the Birthday Celebrations...stay tuned to the K-Joi Studios Blog for more announcements!!!!....you can find it here http://kjoistudios.net/blog/ !!!..cheers liz


mITSYBELLE said...

Greetings from Lil Monkey, lol :)

LuvfromIndia said...

hello cheeky....your designs are great and your attitude rocks. Love your enthusiasm. Rhoda ...toucan aka luvfromindia

weallgottastartsomewheredigiscraps said...

i see u managed to escape from your cage cheeky. how is it u crazy monkeys have managed to do the reveal early??? i have been clueless to anyone's real name the entire contest. nice to meet u as well although i do believe we have gotten to know each other well on kjoi! i am keeping my secret identity forever i think, i like it so much better than my real name. muwahh, love from the one with the certain color addiction.