Thursday, 23 October 2008

Cheeky Chat Halloween Challenge

Okay guys this is my first post about the Cheeky Chat...i am holding a Cheeky Chat at K-Joi Studios every Sunday..if i can't make it i will post in the Cheeky Chat Thread here at K-Joi,5671.msg47700.html#new
...okay it is scheduled at 2.00 am K-Joi time which is i have been informed is U.S. Central time...that is the best i can do..if you are confused with K-Joi time just check out the blog here for the K-Joi right time... ..okay the challenge is to use my freebie kit which i will post here and give you a 4-shared link for... but you need to post your layouts in the K-Joi gallery here and a link to your finished layout in the cheeky chat thread by halloween the 31st of October... and i will then put up a poll and we will vote on the best one...that person will then get a coupon to our prize vault at K-Joi...if you have any questions please post them here or at the cheeky thread...i look forward to your pages and most importantly to have fun...cheers liz