Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A New Creation Oriental Luck

Hi guys this is my new baby and i must say i really like it....everything about this kit has a kinda symbolic meaning...oh well except for the ribbons and bows but you know what i mean..the colours of red and gold and such are very lucky and so are dragons and those coins and oranges too...oh and pineapples and those gold ingot thingys...they are all have special meaning....i would like to give special thanks to obsidian dawn for her cool kenji brushes that i use in this kit....the meaning of which are luck on the take out box and on the scroll is health joy happiness and love...i hope you like it....thanks soo much for looking...cheers liz


mITSYBELLE said...

Love it, love it, love it.... you've done it again, such great eye for detail in your designs... can't wait 'til it's available.

KatLen said...

these are beautiful!

Camilla ...or ecam :-) said...

Hey Cheeky! Haha..you put such a scare in me with your blogcomment, -that maybe the bloghop had moved a day ahead, and I missed it! *LOL* Now I know you're just a great detective as well as designer. ;)

Hugs, Ozzy