Monday, 11 May 2009

Lyme Disease Awareness

Hello there is a very cool kit i made for a very deserved reason...Lyme Disease Awareness...we at K-Joi believe in supporting good causes and one of our dear designers suffers from this can go and check out Ambers blog here-

Hello all, May is lyme disease awareness month and because this disease has such a huge impact on my life i decided this year i was gonna do whatever i could to bring a little bit of attention to it. I have been sick 3 and a half years, diagnosed with lyme 3 years ago and i have spent the last 3 years trying to find any treatment that will work to squash this bug out of me. I had never heard of lyme before i was told i had it and i didnt understand at first how i even got it because i am not an outdoors kinda girl and i never remember a tick or a rash. I never would have guessed one tiny little tick could cause me so many problems. i'm only 24 and i have to take 19 different medications a day and go 5 days a week to the hospital to receive iv antibiotics. I had to drop out of college before finishing my degree and i have had to sit back and watch as all my friends graduated,got married, bought houses and had children and it sucks! There is so little known about lyme and right now prevention is the only sure-fire way of staying healthy.I have somehow managed to talk some of the amazing designers at kjoistudios to help me in a blog hop for the whole month of may. each week a new outdoors themed kit will be posted for free with a fact about the disease. Please take some time to actually read the facts when you snag our freebies! Also please consider making a donation for lyme disease research [ please see Ambers blog for this link it is on the right side of her blog down towards bottom.] Enjoy the kits and keep yourself, your family and your pets tick free!

Here is a little fact for you about Lyme Disease- Dont forget about your pets, dogs and cats are being infected at an alarming rate. Lyme in animals can cause horribly painful problems and our animals cant tell us when it hurts. Get your pet vaccinated yearly and use some kind of flea and tick repellent. some of the symptoms in pets are: loss of appetite, lethargy, arthritic movement, fever, excessive sleep and sudden unexplainedlameness. Treating your pet also keeps you safe from ticks your pets may bring inside if they aren't protected.

here is your free kit and thanks for reading this!!