Sunday, 31 August 2008

K-Joi Blog Down

Sorrry guys the K-Joi blog is down too because we have been so over whelmed with customers that the bandwidth is exceeded there too....this will only last a few days hopefully until the beginning of the month when it will all be reset...thanks for your patience and please hang around for more freebies!!!!! Cheers Liz

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Week 3

Hey guys these are the images for week three of the contest..thanks to the lovely lady who made these know who you are...such lovely work...anyhow as the same as before..please go and visit the blog of K-Joi Studios and download all these fabulous freebies if you have time please take the directions from the blog to K-Joi Studios site and vote for your 4 favourites and comment in the gallery..thank you very much for your time!!...cheers liz

Week Two

Dear All, these are the contestants for week two of the designer contest at K-Joi Studios. Please visit the blog here . You will find the details for voting and commenting on the blog. We appreciate you stopping by and voting. You can download all the contestants entries for free on the blog as a huge thank you for just looking. Please take the time to vote and comment if you can!!! Thanks cheers liz

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Beginning

Hello all this is just me signing in. Oh this feels really strange talking to oneself. Mind you i do it all day. Talking to the cats and they do talk back mind you with various meows and songs. I am very new at this and I hope to jazz things up very soon!! I am participating in a contest at the moment at K-joi Studios. Go visit their blog here for all the information. Heaps of Freebies on offer and some fantabulous designs. Here is a little lookie at some of my stuff i have previously designed. Hope you like it!! I have a very good friend who is doing me a huge favour too.... Jamie has so kindly offered to do me a blinkie and i am very proud to have her as a scrapping buddy.

Thanks soo much Jamie I appreciate it!!!